Massive tariffs on v5 due to bad manifests

Hi there - I just received a very unwelcome email from our shipping department because we have a bill from UPS for tariffs on the Zynthian to the tune of $340. The shipping manifest was not correct - I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the details but wanted to let you know so you can correct whatever is wrong on your end (if anything - this may be a UPS mess up). In any case I’m trying to clean up the mess but we’re already being charged late fees.
The manifest shown here is completely insane - 3x on the case on 2 line items at 2 different tariff rates. AFAIK this should not have any tariffs on it but I think it depends on how you create the manifest. Be warned.

Hi @rcordell !

This is an old issue and it’s been solved from July, just after the “test sale” period, when you ordered your V5. The problem was caused by an error in the software integration with our logistic operator, sendcloud.

I checked the tracking and the status is “delivered” now. Could you confirm you received the package?

FYI, you were not the only one affected by the “wrong customs manifest” issue and the other affected customers could solve the problem by showing the right invoice and the payment note.

All the best, and excuse the inconveniences.

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