I am currently using an old Studiologic SL880 Pro which is quite unreliable

The following fix didn’t work for me.

So now I am looking for a new one and would like to know about your experiences.

I have a few prerequisites:

  1. No Fatar action. I don’t like their (or Studiologic’s) support. (Doepfer excluded)
  2. Grand Piano action, 3 sensors etc,
  3. Master Keyboard needs a zone concept, so that I can switch midi channels with one button.

I had the following in mind.

  • Kawai MP11SE
  • Roland DP-2000
  • Yamaha CP4(0), although their Master Keyboard functionality seems to be poor and won’t meet preq3, iic.
  • Doepfer LMK4+ (Fatar, but at least their own midi)

Has anybody experience especially in regards to controlling a zynthian?
Are there other keyboards that could be considered?



I have a Kawai MP5 and for me this is a really good Piano keyboard. I am also using it for playing with Zynthian/Pianoteq. The MP11 should have a much better keyboard than my MP5. And if you have played Fender Rhodes nearly every keyboard should be better :wink:

Regards, Holger


I am aiming for the most realistic grand piano action.
But the Kawai MP11SE is there. In the end I have to play the last 3 options.
But I don’t want to realize too late, that it only does MIDI channel 1 with USB or the like :slight_smile:


The kawai seemed from reading of piano fora to be considered the most playable. The Roland a88 we have has no battery memory so you have to reallocate it on start up but we got it in lieu of some work done for a Roland dealer so that was why we got it. From talking with them the battery backed memory is expensive ( relatively) so that’s why the Roland doesn’t have it


I chose the MP7SE.
The MP11SE is better but 34kg not really for stage…unless you are that famous and can afford roadies.
I testest all the others. Yamaha cp4, 40, Casio, Nord. All Fatar - really a lower league - and no real zone concept. Hence no thanks.
So there was the Roland RD2000.
My 3rd choice. But I didn’t like the “stickyness” of the keys. When you glide over the keys without pressing.
Ironically it seems that I don’t need the Zynthians on stage next week… Pianoteq is good and I couldn’t say, which is better. It is only a question of taste. Pianoteqs MkII is better. But I still have some crashes of my Zynthian from time to time. UI freezes and no sound.
I will investigate when CustomPiOS is ready.


I think it’s a good choice… I am totally happy with mein MP5 :slight_smile: