Max 7 add support for MOD devices and LV2

Hi @zynthianers!

I’ve received this interesting info from @Max, using the Zynthian’s web contact form:

This would be of most interest to the Mod Duo translator.
Just saw an article on exporting Max 7 made plugins to the Mod Duo, this article mentions in part:

“the MODwatcher patch contacts MOD Devices’ server and uploads your exported source code. Their cloud compiler then converts your exported Gen code to a compatible LV2 plugin”

I hope Max 7 is one more compatible tool…

Thanks @Max!

n00b here. So if i get this right…I can develop a Max plugin and have it run on my newly built Zynthian’s Mod-UI? Any Tutorials?

going down the rabbit hole

Here’s the [Mod wiki entry for Max gen~ Max gen~ - MOD Wiki

Which includes a link to the above video, and a DL link for:

Cycling '74 Partners - Max $9.99/mo, $99/yr

Thank you!

this maybe can been mean we can use all this library maybe next future then I hope will be not so remote ,…