May Is MIDI Month 2024

MIDI Association Kicks Off May is MIDI Month 2024 with In Music Education Initiative

Welcome to a groundbreaking collaboration where innovation meets education.

This joint initiative between SAE Institute Mexico, part of Grupo Educativo Lehren, and the MIDI in Music Education Special Interest Group of the MIDI Association aims to revolutionize music technology and digital arts education.

The goal is to ensure that every professional or aspiring musician, producer, artist, and manufacturer has free access to a comprehensive suite of educational MIDI content.

The MIDI Association is funding the creation of a MIDI curriculum and certification program developed by SAE Institute México, a beacon of innovation and learning. This curriculum, designed to bridge cultures and languages, will be accessible in both English and Spanish.

It’s tailored not just for an academic audience across secondary schools, colleges, universities, and professional institutes but also for the dedicated staff of manufacturers and resellers, marking a significant stride towards a global standard in music technology and digital arts education.

All materials created for the Courses will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license. This ensures materials are freely shareable, including for commercial purposes, must retain attribution, are modifiable/remixable by others, and such modifications must also be shared under the same terms.

Copyright for all educational materials and certifications developed will be jointly held by SAE Mexico and The MIDI Association.

12 MIDI Association member companies have stepped up and have committed to donating to support this effort.

AMEI (the Japanese MIDI organization), Focusrite, Ilio, Jamstik, Roland, Synthogy, and Yamaha are Platinum donors, and Art and Logic, Classic Organ Works, IK Multimedia, and Medeli are Gold donors.

Individuals and organizations wishing to support our educational efforts should join the MIDI Association for free as individual members and then participate in the MIDI In Music Education Special Interest Group.

You can also support our efforts financially by contributing directly to The NAMM Foundation MIDI Fund with donations that are tax deductible in the US.

Please watch the video introduction of the initiative produced by SAE Institute Mexico and scheduled to premier on our Youtube channel on May 4 at 10 am in both English and Spanish for more details on this important intiative.

Your Friends at The MIDI Association

English Version of the SAE Institute Video

Spanish Version of the SAE Institute Video

Support Our Efforts By Donating To The NAMM Foundation MIDI Fund

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