Mcp23017 Extra Midi Cc not working [solved + new idea]

I added 4 foot-switches to my box.
UiActions work fine, but if I choose Midi Cc nothing seems to be send. MIDI learn does not recognize a midi message. I used Cc 85 to 88. The knobs at my Korg K25 work well with midi learn. Any idea what is going wrong?
I am using a raspberry pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 at the moment. It is a V2 Box…

You could send us screenshots of the webconf. Dashboard and midi panel?

Can you send a Midi Log Trace when you hit the pedals?

There is no Midi Message logged. Only the
UiActions work…

You are saying, that no midi messages are logged at all?
Have you checked the midi bindings in the midi advanced view?

Only midi messages from my Korg K25 are logged. No Footswiches…

Do I have to set ENABLED_FB = 1 ?!?

OK! You are absolutly right. There is a bug …
I’ve opened an issue in the tracking system and it will be addressed really fast :wink:


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It’s solved now. Update and test, please :wink:

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Works now!

What about adding sockets for foot-switches to the standard case?
Perhaps also parallel wired switches next to the footswitch-sockets.
If you don’t have foot-switches connected…

A second useful thing would be, if the switches could be non-momentary for Cc.
I mean toggle Cc state on/off…

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Non momentary switches are generally not a great idea in this sort of environment(imho). If you want to toggle things on and off doing it in software around a momentary switch allows a lot more flexibility.

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I’m with you. That was exactly what I meant…
Use momentary switches (hardware) to toggle Cc states.
It should be configured at the midi webconf.
Toggle Cc value on every press of the foot-switch.

As an example I want to control superlooper:
play and record mode should be toggled by foot-switch. (not holding the switch all the time).

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This starts to fall within the realm of CUIA (search in the zynth forum) and as such we don’t implement a toggled grammar. So we would be looking at implementing a concept in front of the CUIA to present toggling functionality. I’m keen on it for precisely the same reasoning. At the base level functionality it’s stop/record and stop/play rather than allocating a specific button for record/play/stop.
It would need webconf config to set it up which might be the most involved part of the process. It might also need tying into functionality like all sounds off to restore to a specific initial state upon a panic…

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I’m thinking a good answer … give me some time, guys :wink: