Media Player

What does the forum believe is the ‘approved’ mechanism for zynthian to play media files ideally from a playlist . . ?
Personally I would divide a MIDI handling app from a Sound file playing app.

Use case:
Busker mode, a selection of backing tracks with easy access from the zynthian display . . .

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Yes, I was thinking about this as well.
We need to be able to play audio or midi files in a loop. Start/Stop by a switch/pad or midi command.(certain play note).
And the setup needs to be stored in the snapshot.
So maybe, besides of midi layers, we need playback layers?
Maybe Fernando has a picture already.

Great idea! Let me know what I can do to help.

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I am also looking for something like this… I would love to have a bunch of backing tracks stored on usb and be able to chose which to play from the interface, and record audio as I play along with them. I’m thinking adding a few buttons… Play, record, last, next, as well.