Mention on the wiki that the .zip file needs to be unzipped prior to writing to SD

This was not obvious, being a programmer I assume that the .img needs to be extracted. However the rpi imager will happily write the .zip file to the SD card (not sure if it extracts it prior).

If this is the case that it needs to be unzipped, a mention on the wiki would be helpful, as the wording seems to indicate that the file can be used as-is.


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Seems like a good suggestion. Link?

But… It doesn’t ?? :thinking:
What software did you use to write it to the SD card ?

Admittedly, I may be wrong about this! It just seems weird that a zip file can be written straight to sd card, unless the software transparently unzips the file first before writing. So some clarification would be good either way.

I used the raspberry pi imager.

This seems a good place to mention it… Zynthian Software - ZynthianWiki

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OK, looking a little further, the raspberry pi imager apparently does transparently unzip for you. This is not authoritative, but: Use Raspberry Pi Imager to burn zip file images – Mike Richards G4WNC.