MIDI CC randomly changes parameters on active ZynGUI page


I seem to be doomed to tap into all stragness, like everytime, anywhere.

This time: random paramter fun.

OK, I did a vid showing this off.

In the vid I am using an expression pedal which is connected to a G2X Synth. This puts out MIDI CC 11 to the Zynthian.

I try it in words:

When I am at any page on the zynGUI with parameters on it, every CC I input to that ZynLayer (no matter whcih CC, with the same channel) will randomly change values on that page, evenn when there are no CCs assigned. I have not found a pattern but it is consistent on every Engine, be it MOD-UI or an instance of ZynAddSubFx.

Even stranger: I have ZynAddSubFx pn Layer 3 (and MIDI CH3). When I switch to preset selection it will randomly select a preset, but this time listening to CC on MIDI-Channel 1.

I have set golbal MIDI Channel to 16, see screenshot of MIDI-config:

I have observed incoming MIDI through a MIDI-Monitor. I can see incoming CCs but nothing strange happening at all.

Can someone confirm this, so we can put it on the zynthian / zynthian-issue-tracking

I can work around it - though it can obviously kill a live performance, when you are not cautious.

… but it is strange as a pink cat.

Setup: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Build Date: 2020-09-05
Memory: 2% (217M/7899M)
zyncoder: stable (7c09738)
zynthian-ui: stable (30294c8)
zynthian-sys: stable (0bd40a7)
zynthian-data: stable (82571e7)
zynthian-webconf: stable (7961552)
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4
Soundcard: HifiBerry DAC+ ADC PRO
Display: ZynScreen 3.5 (v1)
Wiring: MCP23017_ZynScreen GPIO Expander: MCP23017

Really… no one?

Even a RTFM hint would be appreciated…

Bugs do not need confirmation to report them but it’s useful to trim a circumstance down as much as one can.
Stable isn’t the branch that is under development now, as much work is being done on testing, so perhaps, that would be a better environment to consider?

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Please @copes, try to reproduce the problem with the latest RC version. We can’t waste effort on the current stable because it’s almost deprecated. A new stable is almost ready to replace the current one and all the effort has moved to it.

Thanks for your understanding!

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Thank you @wyleu, @jofemodo,

Much appreciated.

I will try that, as soon as there is a bit of time!

Thanks for your understanding!

I am so grateful for this project, and I totally understand… ::+1:

OK, tried it on the new RC (love the mixer BTW, beauuutiiifuuul!).

And it seems, the weird paramter changes are gone. But it still is deselcting / hopping around presets, whenever I send some (like it doesnt matter which) CC to the Zynthian. Will look into this a bit further and then open a ticket.