Midi Channel Issue?

Hello Zynthian Users,

I have had the V4 since August '21, but have not had much time to use it. I really want to love the device, but I’m having a hard time getting on with it.

My primary issue at the moment is related to MIDI channels. I’m using the Arturia Keystep Pro with different MIDI channels assigned to each of the four Keystep Pro tracks. I create a new layer on the Zynthian and select a channel, but the Zynthian seems to trigger regardless of which channel I am using on the Keystep Pro.

I’ve already searched the forum and saw a thread that implied the Zynthian is in ‘OMNI’ mode by default, but if this is the case, I can’t find how to turn this off.

Help is appreciated!



Hi @pygstone

Welcome to the community. We are a friendly bunch and I hope you will enjoy it here.

By default Zynthian is in Stage Mode. Have a look at the user guide for details about this. You may wish to switch it to multitimbral mode which can be done in the admin menu.


Great. Thank you. I was previously looking for the word ‘omni’ and didn’t know that ‘stage’ was the word I needed. I switched it to multi-timbral and it works :slight_smile: