Midi channel setup on Zynthian & M-Audio Axiom

Hi all - apologies for the noob question here. I have my very awesome Zynthian connected to a M-Audio Axiom 49 Gen 1 via USB. On the Zynthian I have several layers assigned to different midi channels in the normal setup way. But when I change the midi channels on the M-Audio, it doesn’t change layers. I would expect the channel change on the M-Audio to change to different Zynthian layers, so just that changing midi channels would be the same as changing presets on a traditional synth. I’d guess that the M-Audio is outputting on all channels but from following the manual (clip attached) that doesn’t line up with that. I imagine I should check the M-Audio signal to see what channel is being sent but am unsure how to do that. Thanks in advance for your advice.


On Zynthian You can try MIDI log, which is accessible via webconfig, under menu Interfaces. Configuration Users Guide - ZynthianWiki

It sounds like your Zynthian is in Stage Mode. This will accept MIDI from all inputs on any channel and direct it to the selected chain (layer). At the top of the admin menu you can toggle this to multi-timbral mode which will behave as you expect, sending the received MIDI channel message to the engine configured with that MIDI channel.

@ToFF @riban - thanks for your guidance. This worked.