MIDI Chief: an ALSA C client with MIDI logic written in Lua

An ALSA C client with MIDI logic written in Lua:
You can filter, route, split, anything you dream to do…
Github project

Latency isn’t noticeable to me with a RPi3 and PiSound.

I don’t know MidiHub from Blokas well but it seems similar but with no dedicated hardware: it could be any GNU/Linux box.

Any comments welcome!


Awesome - I’m sure time will tell how usefully this will integrate with Zynthian, and it’s immediately, potentially useful by itself. Thanks @profgra !

How does this differ from Moony (except maby that moony seems to have disappeared from the web)?

Hi and thanks for your question. I didn’t know about Moony and it really seems similar except it works inside the LV2 ecosystem. MidiChief is standalone: only needs and works on ALSA.

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Indeed! Moony is already integrated in Zynthian. MIDI Chief would require some coding to integrate.

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