Does the MIDI Clone feature clone MIDI Sustain-ON/OFF messages?


No. CC events are not cloned. Although sustain on/off should be cloned. Mmmm … let me think a little bit about it…


Please, open an issue on the zynthian-ui GitHub repo.


I have construct a custom midi controler (based on arduino micro and midi controler library by Pieter P ) to triggering notes by foot - it is a kind of bass pedal. And one of its functions is a way to trigger “note on” without “note off” - as a simple sustain effect. Trigger another note is preceded by the “All notes off” CC on controller channel. Such approach is problematic whet I try to use channel cloning function in zynthain. Is there a way to clone CC event? Is this a problem to implement? Thanks. Adam.


Probably better to maintain the spirit of the Midi spec and use note on/off to indicate the actual state of the pedal board and use the sustain mechanism to perform that function. I foresee problems with patch change in such a scenario


Ok. Thanks @wyleu for this suggestion. I can of course change controler coding but there is still problem for me, cos instead a#cc123 I should clone #64.


If you relay on “All Notes Off” and “All Sounds Off” standard MIDI events, you will find that some engines doesn’t support one of them, or both. If you want things working with all engines, i think your controller should “remember” the last note-on and send a note-off just before sending a new note-on. It’s very simple and easy to implement, and it will work with every engine.



OK. As always big thank you. I have changed my controller code to midi on-midi off events only and it is working great. Thanks. Adam