Midi Filter Rules: How to map All chan to 1 chan

After running into a few issues in programming the midi filter rules, I think the following example should be added to the wiki: https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Configure_MIDI_Filter/Router

Map any channel CC59 to Channel 15 CC120:
MAP CH#0:15 CC#59 => CH#15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15 CC#120



I also mapped in an audio record button
//Audio Record button Start/Stop Toggle
MAP CH#0:15 CC#117 => CH#15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15 NON#23

So now I finally have a sample of my zynthian!

Chan 1: JV/Fluid Pianos into JV/Tal-Reverb (Upper Keyboard: Novation Launchkey 49)
Chan 3: setBfree w/ x42Whirl (Lower Keyboard: Axiom 61)


You may proceed onto Valhalla as fully fledged!!! :slight_smile:

Nice piece! I keep expecting to hear Elton John come in with the first line of lyric!

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I will improve the parser for supporting 1=>N & N=>1 assignment …

Thanks for sharing the trick! I didn’t know it!! :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the parser! I love this project.

Yeah, after getting a few mapping failures and looking at the examples I realized repeating the same number over and over would fill out the struct as expected :wink:

After looking at the code, I’d expect that the internal solution will be to expand out the mapping behind the scenes.

Any chance you could implement CH# CC# VAL# => CH# CC# VAL# while you are in that code? I was about to start looking around to see what I could do to add assignment.


OK! Mapping N=>1 is already implemented. I just commited …
Mapping 1=>N is more complex to implement, sorry. Implementing this is not easy with the current paradigm.

Same for this. The current paradigm doesn’t allow to make this easily. Sorry …


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Thanks @jofemodo,

I did some digging around on my own and yes, there would be significant rework involved in getting this to work with value assignments. Ideally it would also support N=>1 value assignments.

If I can get a VM running zynth, I’d probably clone and start hacking around a bit more. I’m getting tired of messing up my rig. Finally got smart and cloned the SD card as a backup.


Could you confirm that N=>1 mapping is working fine for your use case?

I mean …

MAP CH#0:15 CC#59 => CH#15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15,15 CC#120

could be replaced by:

MAP CH#0:15 CC#59 => CH#15 CC#120



Yes,Thank you! This works great!

One more request/suggestion.
Any chance that the MIDI filter Rules could be changed to 1:16 rather than 0:15?
The 1:16 values are what are presented everywhere else MIDI is used.

Always a problem this one. Coders are going to prefer 0-15 users probably would prefer 1-16 and some of us change depending on the day and the weather.
Perhaps we could embed logic in the mapping parser?
=> is base 0
==> is base 1

It avoids the almost inevitable webconf midi base option, and would mean that cut and pasted settings would work consistently.


Should we translate the logs as well? I would only go 1-based in the webconf builder tool.

MIDI channel numbers should be presented 1-based (1-16) everywhere to users. zero-based indexing should only be within code. All user interfaces should be 1-16. Let’s make this consistent so that both coders and users don’t have to figure out what is happening at different parts of the interface.


OK! Let’s do it …

BTW, this also should be do it:


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Could we do it after we have a official buster?
I don’t expect a stable version soon when we touch that

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I see that the rule builder already use channels 1-16, so only MIDI logger should be changed, and this is quite easy.

Changing the rule parser itself is my task, and i don’t think it’s a priority, so it could be done after the Buster release.


See, what I mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can change the log easily soon.

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Oh boy! Sorry I kicked the hornets nest :wink:

I’m a coder, and a musician. In this case I just want it to match the “MIDI Channel” that is displayed on my keyboard controller when I’m writing rules… and this can wait. I’d rather have an official buster!