MIDI Learn from VNC


I’m exploring MIDI learn from VNC viewer. I enter the MIDI learn mode by clicking the “LEARN” button that is visible in VNC UI. Then I see the yello question marks on every parameter. If I now modify any by clicking and dragging using the mouse, I don’t get the green question marks! They all stay yellow! When I move a knob or fader on my controller, nothing happens.

I really don’t want to ask stupid question. I guess I used the wrong terms for searching the documentation and forum…

Hoping for your help again! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You have to use the touch interface for MIDI learning, swiping from left to right on the controller area.



aaah, now I got it: I somewhere read or heard about swiping and I already tried it, but the trick is to swipe from left to right WITHOUT clicking “LEARN” before! That’s a bit misleading to be honest.

It’s actually not required to have touch capable hardware. It also works using a mouse.

Thank you for your help!