Midi Learn Tempo


I’ve been spending some time diving into my v5 machine (my first zynthain) and really enjoying all it has to offer! There’s lots to explore in this machine.

I tried midi learning tempo bpm from the metronome screen but nothing seems to happen. None of the tempo settings seem to respond to midi learn. Is that right, or am I just doing something wrong.

Hi @Jpbm - that’s right I think, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. MIDI Learn lets you ‘teach’ the Zynthian which Synth Parameter is controlled by a particular encoder. What do you want your Zynthian to learn from the metronome screen?

I was hoping I could change the bpm tempo with my midi controller, as well as turn the metronome on and off with my midi controller.

Ahhh, I think that ‘should’ be possible, I’ll have to try it and see. Might not be today.

OK, I got a chance to try it, and as far as I can tell midi learn is not implemented on the metronome screen. There may be some way to do what you want, but I could not find it. Hopefully someone else who does know or can actually fix that will chime in here.

One thing I should have asked - have you been able to use the midi learn function in general as described in the user’s guide?:

I thought there might be a way to do it via " CUIA: Callable UI Actions" but I couldn’t find it there either:

MIDI learning is not currently implemented for tempo screen. Please, open a feature request in our tracking system.

@riban, is it implemented in the chain-refact branch?


I’ve been able to use midi learn on other parameters. I just submitted a ticket for new feature request.

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No! I have not changed the behaviour of this screen. I guess the MIDI learn code isn’t implemented on it. The screen is derived from zynthian_gui_base. Maybe it should be derived from zynthian_gui_control.