MIDI learning on ALSA-Mixer is fixed

Perhaps you didn’t note it, but i introduced a bug that broke ALSA-Mixer MIDI learning. Now it’s fixed :wink:

Did you know that you can easily have a Master Volume knob on your MIDI keyboard/controller? Simply use MIDI learning with ALSA-Mixer …



For saving this on your snapshots, you have to enable the “Mixer Setting on Snapshots” opion from the Admin menu (or webconf).


I have been trying to use MIDI learning, but it doesn’t respond to any CC change, after double-clicking on a button. It shows “waiting for program” (the rest of the text is cut off).

In the web interface, the Midi Log, all the changes are visible, so the hardware and software works fine.
How does one enable the CC changes for learning? What setting could be messed up?
I followed those steps:
the tiny ??? turn green, but no response on the midi CC signal (while it does show the ‘m’ for midi at the right top).

A second question: my knobs/encoders are old/worn out and the click of the button doesn’t register reliably, which is very frustrating. Can we assign midi knobs/buttons to replace those encoders?

Double clicking on a button?
I don’t remember having used double clicking events anywhere in the UI. Please, check the MIDI-learning procedure in the User’s Guide :




It seems that the font you are using is too big for your display. You should configure a smaller size from the webconf …

Ah, single click on the touch-screen on the upper right button works as well (I guess the physical snapshot button/knob doesn’t register at all, turning works, perhaps a wiring issue).

but too small for my eyes :slight_smile:

Anyway, it all works now, after posting this message. Thank you!

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