Midi mapping fcb-1010 note to CC64

Ok so, I have my FCB-1010 plugged in and it’s sending note-on note-off of various notes on channel 16.

I would like to map one of these notes on/off to CC64 on/off, but it appears in this screen that I can only map note on and note off individually, to a single on/off CC64:

What’s the right move here?

Why not configure the 1010 to send CC 64 for that pedal?

For that you need to install UNO eprom

Then I would have to click a pedal for sustain and then another pedal to unsustain.

The only thing that is press on, release off, in that device, is the note function. So, I need something that will map note on to a CC value, and note off to another value of the same CC.

Have heard of this, might.

What about the “MIDI Note to CC” plugin?

I’ll have a look later but I’m pretty sure I tried and failed that one too. It’s very strange to me that this of all things is so difficult. (not the first time I’ve spent some hours trying to make this happen)

The issue is that only MIDI note-on/off messages are sent to the engines. CC are intercepted then mapped to controllers. You want to convert a note-on/off to a CC but that isn’t supported in the normal workflow. Its a bit odd but it is how we hang round here! It means that the note-to-cc plugin won’t work because the CC won’t make it to the instrument - well, it does and might work for some engines because of their inherent handling of CC64 (sustain).

How heavy is PureData in a midi chain? Can I assign the midi out of a PD chain to another chain?

I’m halfway through creating the filter in PD. Had to relearn the interface. :>

I don’t know, but I was doing some testing a few years ago of how many PureData instances I could get running at once on a Raspberry Pi 4. And the answer was about 20. Each instance was running a patch that I had found that was purely generative, and made the sound of wind chime. So I think it’s pretty light.

I don’t know that either. (Which might make you wonder why I’m writing this this reply) but I wanted to mention that you could use Camomile to turn a PureData patch into an LV2 plugin, so whatever the rules are for an LV2 plug in, they would apply to your PureData patches. In a sense Zynthian doesn’t even know that it’s PureData in the plugin.

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I was already wondering about whether I should even just go look at the LV2 docs, but that’s good to know that there’s a converter, thank you!

Update: I got the filter half-working last night, PD only, janky setup on my windoze machine, but I had it responding to a switch on the 1010 as a sustain, but I haven’t sorted out how to make it select for a single note. But it’s definitely gonna work, it’s just my first attempt at using PD so it’ll take like a week for me to figure out.

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Tried the suggested LV2 midi plugin.

I compared it with the possibility of signal processing using MIDIHub from Blokas. After about an hour, both options worked for me. I am attaching screenshots for Zynthian. I recommend setting the FCB1010 to turn on NoteON NoteNumber 127 and turn off via NoteOn NoteNumber 0 (on velocity 127, off velocity 0). The LV2 plugin has a problems with note_off. In my case I use Note Nuber 36 - ie C2. Operation Mode must be Fixed parameter, CC-value = velocity. Others swallow all other notes. I recommend using a low note, something like C0.

It would be good to have a mechanism to monitor midi signal changes, in Zynthian MidiLog it is possible to monitor only what goes to the channel and not what goes directly to the engine after LV2 midi plugins. Its same from Clone Midi, the input midi signal before MIDI-FX is cloned.

I’m looking that it could probably be put in the WIKI section Synth Engines - ZynthianWiki :slight_smile:

To be clear, what you’ve setup here works with a single pedal? Cause I don’t know of a way to send two notes on the same pedal, and certainly not matching push-release. (edit: the 1010 sends at a fixed 100 velocity, which is enough to trigger the CC on the DX7s that I’m sending the midi into.)

That said, I’ve already gotten the note on/note off working through a simple Puredata filter, I just haven’t sorted out filtering for the specific note as I said. Once I do, I will likely just filter the whole unit through PD cause it’ll be much easier, once I’ve gotten my head wrapped around PD’s workflows.

I actually watched every one of Miller Puckette’s videos, years and years ago, and then shortly after that I misguidedly committed to an Ableton license with Max, out of a silly belief that Max was the likely visual audio language that would prevail, but I’m frankly seeing way more exciting stuff happening with PD lately, such as the Organelle.

I have FCB with chip UnO2 1.1 so I didn’t want to reprogram it now, I’m glad I somehow put it together for my rig. And I don’t remember the options of the original chip.
I used the keys to simulate NoteOn.
The PD path - conversion to LV2 plugin sounds interesting, but it will probably take some time before you fully understand it. Fingers crossed.

Yah the Uno stuff looks pretty good, I would just go ahead and order one but I’m between jobs atm so I need to solve my musical problems with whatever is at hand. :>

Yep! I think the Uno cost is too high. I am frustrated with the limitations of the 1010 and might replace it’s inards with a different microcontroller.

there is still a way to go. Use moony lv2 and script in lua


Moony lv2 is in Zynthian but you must select in web-config / section LV2 midi

Yes UnO2 firmware 1.4 + editor cost € 50,00. My old firmware 1.1 does not have the same options as the latest version, but I will not put more money into it. And it was also not a good idea to program according to the last help, we kept wondering why this or that didn’t work, until about two days later I found that it was because of the firmware version. I will convert the FCB 1010 to 5V, and that will make it quieter and finish the modifications.

I looked into it last night, and the v2 is kind of impressive in terms of the improvements it brings. But in the end if I can just turn each press and each exp into a data object and work from there, that’s as much as I need really, given what all is packed into any zynth :>

How far up and down the MIDI message chain are the device drivers…?