MIDI Mapping

Anything obviously wrong with this mapping to re position the CUIA settings. . . ?

MAP CH#15 NON#0,1,2,3,10,11,12,51,52,53,64,63,62,65,66,67,60,61,59,71,72,73 => CH#15 NON#0,1,2,3,10,11,12,51,52,53,64,63,62,65,66,67,59,57,59,69,70,71

It seems good … is it failing? Error message?

Thanks for the look over. I couldn’t see anything wrong with it but it’s tripping up zynthian-nord something rotten and jack won’t start. More news as I get it. Meanwhile I’ll get on with other testing… (yes I am trying to automate the tests)

Jack is started before MIDI router … i don’t think it can be causality between jack problems and MIDI router rules. If you have jack problems, please, check the logs and send a report.


The above cut down a little.

MAP CH#15 NON#65,66,67,60,61,59,71,72,73 => CH#15 NON#65,66,67,59,57,59,69,70,71

I’m attempting to remap the CUIA channels coming in on channel 16 ( it indexes from 0 ) So that I can squeeze it all onto a Akai kbd, see posts passim.