MIDI over Bluetooth


Is is possible with the current software to use Bluetooth MIDI devices? I would like to use a BT MIDI connection the an iPad. I’m not aware about the technical details, but I would guess it is just a serial connection over BT.


As long as the USB dongle is accepted by the underlying Linux, it should work. How about latency in BT?

Regards, Holger


The RBPi3 has an integrated BT interface, but it’s disabled by default in Zynthian for compatibility problems with the standard serial port:


If you don’t need the standard MIDI serial ports, you could re-enable the integrated BT interface (be aware that if your zynthian case is metallic, you would have a weak signal outside).



So the MIDI implementation just uses the serial port? There is no additional driver needed? I’ll test if I can get this working.


The serial port baud-rate is adjusted for fitting the MIDI specification. It’s a kernel “hack” for the RBPi that you can enable from the “/boot/config.txt”. I never tried to do it in a desktop PC.