MIDI over Ethernet using QMIDINET/PATCHAGE

Attempting to connect MIDI over Ethernet using QMIDINET and PATCHAGE.

I’m connecting SSH from Linux to the Zynthian box and starting patchage, using…

ssh root@192.x.x.x -X -v

I can see the patch panel (image below) comming from the Zynthian. What needs to be implemented in the Linux box. I imagine QMIDINET as well. How do you bind both boxes together? How do you designate the MIDI host? Is there a designation configured with IP numbers, to link the boxes together?

A install qmidinet at the Linux end. This will provide alsa or jack midi ports on the Linux host which can be connected to using the application on the Linux aply - l should display the qmidinet ports on the host end and a connect will then allow you to patch if your sequencer doesn’t have facilities. Aseqdump is also pretty handy for seeing what is going on. Once it’s all connected it should just run basically the qmidinet cloud simply transmits the midi data to all devices so play on midi channel 3 on one machine and anything with midi channel 3 connected to an engine will respond… Look out for apps that connect midi in to midi out it can get noise when you grtvm

Thanks Wyleu!

Also, Update you zynth. Your tttymidi’s are connected to ctrl_in and main_out… There is a fix for the autoconnector.