MIDI profile for Midi Commander


I have this Melo Audio midi controller which I want to use to switch mod-ui pedalboards, and control parameters within a pedalboard.

It sends CC and PC messages on a single channel. If I set that channel as the master zynthian channel I get working PC -> snapshot changes. Otherwise I get working CC mappings in mod-ui, but PC messages will switch presets within the pedalboard instead of switching snapshots(pedalboards)

I tried a few filter mappings to send PC messages to the master channel, or send CC messages to another channel, but midi event logging in zynthian_gui.py always showed the event with the original channel.

Maybe I just need the right filter map to get this working, or maybe this needs a coding change like:

  1. support filter maps to and from the master channel
  2. zynthian_engine_modui.py have an option for load_preset to switch pedalboards instead of presets
  3. have an option to pass PC messages all the way to mod-ui to use its built-in pedalboard loading

I think I’d prefer 1. to avoid bypassing too much zynthian framework. Any ideas?



Played with Single Channel Mode already?


Single Channel Mode seems to give me the same results as above, both when the master channel is set to 1, and not.

Playing a bit more, what might be happening is that PC MAP rules don’t get applied ever, and CC MAP rules are only applied on the non master channels. I’ll look through zynmidirouter.c to see if that is what the logic does.


Ah, remember that mod-ui is a special layer which doesn’t have an active channel anymore. That might change what Single Channel Mode does


Have you tried without mod-ui? You can enable more modules in the webconf