Midi Recorder needs bpm-control-window

If I play with my drumpatterns (in Loop-Mode) I like to change the bpm-value so that I can test the song with lower or faster speed.


There is a rate option available on the https://github.com/zynthian/jack-smf-utils which does MIDI playback from the MIDI recorder . . .

Quite what it does and how we might implement it is possibly a similar discussion to the Audio playback level control. :- D

Anyone played with it? I wouldn’t tend to support too much development as the actual cueing of the MIDI sequence playback isn’t really syncable accurately in this approach, unless you know different … :slight_smile:

Hi wyleu,

I do not find the discussion, but

I think, with a few points I´m missin zynthian will be a very good life-Soundmashine.
The point is not, that a feature works. The feature has to be near to the player. Not thinking (where, how, what …). Just seeing and doing.

If our band is not complete, it´s wonderful to have drumpattern to start a phrase-training. And it would be more wonderful to change the speed. If you have it, you will not miss it.

And with the wonderful R4 there are no problems with the performance or resources.
The kick is to have it all in one instrument. :grinning:

Please, open an “feature request” in our wonderful issue tracker … :wink:
I will study the problem …


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