MIDI Recorder. Slowest app in Zynthian?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I would expect the MIDI recorder to be lightweight and fast. Quick to load, quick to record and play. After all, it’s dealing with the lightest weight data and lightest cpu load.

It’s not quick at all. It takes around 15s to load on my RPi4. It takes another 10-12s to start recording and a similar amount to stop. Times are similar on my headless RPi3. Sometimes when it’s done recording it duplicates the list of existing recordings onscreen only to go back to single listings later.

Does it dislike me? :grin:

Could you give some details about how are you using the MIDI recorder?
Connected devices, sequencers, computers, etc.
How many mid files do you have in the folder?


Hi @Dithered42! From a recent post in another thread you demonstrated using the stable release. That has a very different version of MIDI recorder / player which did suffer from long delays. The new version is code written specifically for Zynthian - bespoke code which does a lot to optimise these elements. However, despite the data being (apparently) thinner, it can still be time consuming to read a large, complex standard MIDI file (SMF) which can lead to some delays with such files.

The next release of Zynthian is due soon. You could wait for it or even get involved in testing it by switching to it.

I’m just using it with the supplied demo files. I tried recording a couple simple chord progressions. It didn’t like recording too internal memory and ended up showing 0:00 time length for that. The recording to external USB flash drive worked. I was just amazed how slow it was. I’m looking forward to the new release. I will switch to the release candidate soon to test once I’ve gotten a bit more familiar.