Midi sync with hardware

Hi everyone,

I built my first zynthian with v3 bundle ordered recently, i’m glad to being part of this wonderful project.
The building part is now done and everything seems to work just fine, I’m just having problems with the way to plug and sync all my stuffs!
I use a arturia beatstep to sequence and control via midi, a guitar synth with midi out 5pin and usb, akai topcat analog drum machine with midi in and out/thru 5 pins and usb too, and finally my brand new zynthian.
I’d like to have the beatstep in external sync mode (only possible with usb midi connection) because the bpm set is pretty cheap with the master mode.
I tried with tomcat in master with midi out to midi in of zynthian with beatstep connected in usb.
In this configuration the control mode works fine but beatstep sequencer doesn’t start with the tomcat…
How can i plug all that peoples together for a synchronized harmonious jam?

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Hi @RichardBeaudelaire!

Currently, Zynthian is a sync-less device. I mean, most of engines doesn’t know about MIDI-clock or other synchronization methods. They will receive the MIDI events (note, CC, etc) and will react with the configured latency (5-10 ms). That’s all.

Anyway, some engines have the possibility of receiving MIDI-clock for syncing its arppeggiators or step sequencers:

  • MOD-UI: you have some step sequencers and other similar stuff
  • Helm: It has an internal arppeggiator that probably can be synced with MIDI-clock
  • Triceratops: idem.
  • etc.

Anyway, i’ve not tested this engines using an external MIDI-clock, so you may have to do your research, and please, send feedback of your discovering :wink:


Thank you for your quick answer!
Till now the only way seems to be use beatstep in master usb plugged in zynthian and midi out of the zynthian plugged in midi in of tomcat.
In my case i guess having a midi clock pluggin in the zynthian would be useful!

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You could try with MOD-UI engine …

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Yes i heard about mod ui in some topics, seems to be a solution for looping, one of my goals with the zynthian is live looping with midi sync.
I dont understand mod ui yet but i’ll read the wiki asap!