MIDI/USB connection


I’m a noob, so bare with me here.

My build is just about done, haven’t had the chance to get a MIDI keyboard (will be at the end of the month), so I’m wondering if I can hook it up to my laptop to check its functionality? Do I then get a MIDI to USB cable or do I use the Pi’s USB connections?

I’m still learning, like I only just realised I’m not even sure how to power the thing! Haha

Loving it though. Soldering is relatively new to me too, but really enjoying it.

You can use the qmidinet connection.If you have a linux machine ( perhaps another Raspberry Pi…? ) then qmidinet is easily installed sudo apt-get install qmidinet.
If you are on windows the trial version of ipMIDI will give you sixty minutes of use.

Then you will need to load up a virtual keyboard on your host machine.

And then use a midi to usb converter I’m guessing?

No, it works over LAN

The connection between the Pi and Windows works over LAN? Sounds cool, but also sounds unlikely or I’m underestimating the Pi. Wouldn’t the Zynthian not need a physical connection with another machine such as MIDI to USB or anything to send data across?

No, that’s what QMidiNet is for. @wyleu is the one with the experience.

Oh that’s awesome! Guess I’ll give it a go once fully build. Thanks!