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Hello everyone. I have a problem. I created an SF2 bank with 80 sounds, if I load the bank, can I change the sounds (presets) with external controller? I don’t know how to set midi in webconfig. In midi log everything is transmitted on ch 1.Tks

Hi @Tubi

Your request is a little unclear but I will try to unpick it…

You have created a soundfont which contains 80 sounds. I guess this is a sf2 file with 80 programs. If you access webconf LIBRARY->Presets & Soundfonts and select “FluidSynth - SF2 Player” then click "Upload (sf2, sf3, zip, tgz, tar.gz, tar.bz2) button you can upload your soundfont file. This should make your soundfont available within FluidSynth.

You want to change the sounds with external controller - I guess you mean you wish to send MIDI program change messages and select the presets from within this soundfont. This can be done by disabling “Program Change ZS3” in the admin menu. MIDI program change will now select presets within the loaded soundfont / bank.

Everything is transmitted on ch1 - I guess you are sending MIDI to the Zynthian on different MIDI channels? Zynthian can run in “Stage Mode” which accepts all MIDI input and routes it to the currently selected layer or “Multitimbral Mode” which routes MIDI to the layer based on the layer’s MIDI channel. This can be set in the admin menu.

Note that ZS3 mode is useful but requires some configuration. You can map each MIDI program change to each preset so you don’t have to access sounds in the order they are stored. The overhead is allocating each program change message manually but once done it provides a powerful machine. Read the user guide for detail on all I have written here.

Tip: Explain in more detail what you wish to achieve to get higher quality response from the community. Also check the documentation for clues - there is a lot of information, well written in the wiki. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Thanks for the reply !Must be made some midi settings in webconfig page ? I disabled “Program Change ZS3” in the admin menu, but the programs not change.I have keyboard sounds but nothing change when press program button :anguished:

Hi Tubi!

With Zynthian Fluidsynth, the soundfont’s pre-assigned bank and program numbers can be ignored. Instead, you assign program changes at the snapshot level.

I assume you are in stage mode and you have uploaded your soundfont to the Zynthian.

Step 1: Clean all before you start.

Step 2: Add a New Layer: Fluidsynth. Pick your soundfont.

Step 3: Select the first instrument you would like to play. Adjust volume, etc.

Step 4: Learn the program change. Press the Learn button/knob twice and send a program change from your controller.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for every instrument in your soundfont that you want to assign a program change to.

Step 6: test your program changes and adjust if necessary.

Step 7: Save your snapshot: “Tubi’s sf2 pgms.”

Step 8: Save the snapshot as default, so it auto- loads when you start up.

Enjoy your Zynthian!
Sam in NJ USA

Simple and very useful explanation for me. Thank you very much for your time. It works! Thanks

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