Midicake Arp and Zynthian

Last week I received the Midicake Arp. A kind of sequencer but it is meant as a multiple 4x arpeggiator. Developed and built in Wales by a small company you get a very powerful and intuitiv playable machine to control your synths. I think Zynthian could be a perfect match to the Midicake Arp because your have 4 arpeggiators to play multiple chains in Zynthian. It is even possible to modulate the midi channel over time :slightly_smiling_face:.
So here is my latest Zynthian and Midicake Arp session: ( Please don’t confuse me with a real musician :wink:)


Another Session with Zynthian as expander for percussions, piano, flute and bass line. All controlled by Retrokits RK006 and Midicake Arp. Rhodes by Korg SV2.