Minimum HW for Midi over USB keyboard expansion

Hi Asaf,

I use my zynthian in a very similar way to you, as an expander for my digital piano. Just curious to know what screen you have gone for and what input methods you use?

I have a 4.3" DSI (ribbon cable directly into the RPi4) touchscreen and use the screen’s touch facility and a mouse for input. I’ve often thought about adding 4x rotary encoder knobs but never properly gotten round to this. I’ve also tried using a Korg Nanokontrol for input. The nanokontrol works fine and has almost too many ways it can be configured but it’s probably overkill for what I need.

I’m still in exploration mode.
I decided to go the full Zynthian HW Kit4 (including the 4 knobs) for now.
HW wise, the 4 knobs have a good feel and the buttons on the box are a very good expansion too. I think I’ll stay with the HW for a while until I figure out the SW piece.
As for SW,
I created a sz3 list of my own and created another option for that view just for that (yes - changing the SW a little for exploration), so I have now all the sz3 in a menu (I added names for them too), so you can scroll down with the select knob and once pressed, the sound will change. The nice part is the other knobs can still be used for volume/other effects. So, you have one knob for select, and 3 others for TBD.
Still, there is already a similar option using the stable version of the SW. The “favorites” option is doing a similar job.
Finally, I’m still scratching my head on which way to go… as the sounds on the Yamaha P121 are pretty good, and I need to switch between Zynthian and the keyboard’s sounds (which is possible, but not as convenient). I’ll update what I ended up using.
I hope this helps

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