Minor correction for the wiki

Stumbled upon a little bug in the wiki.


According to my experience with Zynthian, the UP/DOWN titles are swapped in the section: Controlling the UI with MIDI messages

“52”: “SELECT_DOWN”, E3
“53”: “SELECT_UP”, F3

Should be:

“52”: “SELECT_UP”, E3
“53”: “SELECT_DOWN”, F3

I’ll gladly fix it myself if someone could give me access.

Fork the repo, add the fix, submit a pull request!

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Is the wiki in the repo?
-or should we adjust the code according to documentation?

Sorry I didn’t read very attentively. The wiki is seperate to the repo. I will alter it.

I’ve updated it thanks for the spot!

I’ll find another excuse for git’in into the code someday soon.

Well I’ve probably got about a hundred suggestions!

Whoa :see_no_evil: did I say that loud.

Well, being a webdev I should probably look into the web-ui. Do we have some kind of todo list or is it just wild west?

What about that?

And more concretely for webconf tool:


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Great :+1:

Can’t promise a lot, but I will have a look :nerd_face: