MOD-DUO -> Zynthian <-> Guitar

Hello! I’m new with mod ui.
This afternoon I just write the gorgona img on my sd card and did some modification to use it with my presonus iTwo.
It works well, but I noticed few plugin to use the guitar as mod duo.
Could I dowlnload plugin and pedal board from git hub and use them with zynthian or do I have to compile them on my raspberry? If I have to compile could you tell me what is the right way to do it.
I want to make a zynthian for guitarrists.

Hi @rpeng,

I am not fully sure, but I think that MOD-Duo and Zynthian both use armv7l as CPU, so they may be binary compatible. But if this really will work? Give it a try.

My personal opinion is to compile plugins directly on the Zynthian. Why? Because than I have control about the optimization of CPU/FPU flags.

You should take a look at the recipes:

Quite a nice idea. But (IMHO) for a live session the Zynthian needs to have more external (foot-)controllers to use it with a guitar. And I am pretty happy to have a heavy case and displays at my MOD-Duo on stage (and yes: the case of the Duo is more beer resistant than my Zynthian cases :joy:).

Have in mind that the “normal” audio shields for the Raspi are having a line input! For connecting a guitar directly you need a kind of preamp, because guitars have a high impedance output! The MOD-Duo has some really good pre-amps for this…

Regards, Holger

Yes I know about the impedance but I want make a fet preamp with a switch for instrument/line signal.
The problem is that in gorgonia image I can’t find some effects that I saw in some zynthian presentations such as the tube screamer and other that are in the mod gallery.
I would like put them in my pedal boards.
Do you know if are there in a zynthian repository?

For foot controller the best imho is to use a midi pedal board.

Perhaps they are in a different set of plugins from Guitarix. You can try the following:

 ssh root@zynthian.local
 cd /zynthian
 git clone
 cd zynthian-recipe/recipe

This installs some additional plugins for guitarists (After installation you have to restart MOD-UI!).

Regards, Holger

It’s building up a list of various pedal boards & controllers (including the many, many home builds) and making the composing of a MIDI rule for them simple.

Not tried it yet. I should.


for midi I suggest this project:

I use it and it is very cool…I used it in some live show…

Good! Installed…
I can’t find the gxts9.lv2…
I tried to use the lv2 from moddevices: the gui works but the plugin cannot used.
How can I compile it on Zynthian?
I found the sources in zynthian-sw/plugins/guitarix/src but I don’t understand how compile the ts9 with the mod gui.

It seems that gxts9 is inside the “normal” huitarix package. So do the same as before but with

Regards, Holger

I’m trying to use some effects with my guitar, but I have some issues.
Just to understand how compile myself the plugins for mod ui, I downloaded the mod plugin builder.
I changed the optimizations for my raspberry pi 3b.
At some point it downloads and compile buildroot 2016.02.
The problem is that version hasn’t the pi 3b plus definitions.
It is good for mod duo because it is armv7 but my raspberry is armv8.
I tried to change the .common file to download the buildroot 2018.02.
At some point it tells me that br2_external tree is not configured well because I must to use an external.desc file.
Ok how could I set the name of the tree to make it working with my raspberry pi3?
I just want to try to compile one effect to see if with the right optimizations it will work.
Thanks a lot.