MOD: Phantom LPK25 and Alesis V61 in MIDI config [SOLVED - more or less]

Not sure if I am the only one, but I have a strange problem with MOD-UI:
When I open the MIDI port configuration (DIN socket symbol at the bottom of the web ui), it shows devices I never used. In this case one LPK25 and two V61 controllers. Looks to me as if the developer or packager used these and MOD-UI is not updating the device list for some unknown reason. I am experiencing this for a while, even after reinstalling Zynthian.

Looks like a bit of an odd behaviour on MOD-UI that these phantom devices appear when it does not detect any MIDI hardware. Once it detects MIDI hardware these devices stay there until you switch between separate / aggregate mode. This seems to reload the config (without the phantoms). However: The moment you have no MIDI hardware connected you can call your self the owner of a phantom LPK25 and two V61s again…

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