MOD-UI as default setup

Hi @ll,

yesterday I stored a simple MOD-UI setup (only dexed with tinyamp) as the default.zss setup. After rebooting it is loaded and I can play, but my encoders and the screen is freezed.

Has anyone else such a problem or do I have a broken pedalboard?

Regards, Holger

Yes, i reporter It in another topic,
with more issues related ti mod ui loaded as default: Check if these others happens on yours…

I haven’t checked the latest update, if its fixed already.

But this might be related as well

When you have multiple instances of a plugin, they show up as different presets.

Ok , i found something more precise: The real issue is not on default snapshot but the snapshot itself. It can’t manage an entire pedalboard loading. Practically: MOD, being a plugin host, is quite complex, like a “zynthian inside a zynthian” , and the right call sequence should be: zynthian snapshot>pedalboard>mod Ui, something like we open an app by double clicking his project… Is It possibile?

First of all: i tried installing beta lv2 plugins and tried helm in particular: it’s gorgeus! Thanks for this. I’m still not able to do plugins installation on my own… i appreciated you find the same things :wink:… About this, i saved a snapshot with mod and Helm, and is recalled almost fine… There is always some weird behaviour, but something works… So maybe It could depend on pedalboard/plugin complexity

Thank to @ivanmonterosso @mheidt

I had no time to try again and to take a look behind the scenes… perhaps next weekend.

Regards, Holger

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I made tests after I updated the box. My issue still exists.
Just create a snapshot with two instances of the same plugin and zynthian-ui can’t handle it anymore.
Instead of having two instances you could “toggle-select”, you get two presets. But they don’t hold the proper values. So once you just try to change anything in the box, you misconfigure the pedalboard.