Mod-ui/zynthian-ui and midi channel filter


I am using the latest update and found the following

  1. New pedalboard
  2. Add 2 Midi Channel Filter for channel 1 and 2.
  3. Save board to NiceKeys (and disable Presets)
  4. /zynthian/zynthian-my-data/mod-pedalboards/NiceKeys.pedalboard exists
  5. Check in zynthian-UI: reboot, new layer, mod-ui, NiceKeys
    – It has 2 default Presets
    – Only one Midi Channel Filter shows, although web-ui still shows both
  6. Add 2 FluidPianos and wire them up accordingly.
    – 4 Default Presets are shown in synthui
    – Only 1 FluidPiano
    – In none of the presets, the other midi channel is shown. always the same
  7. Saving this setup as Snapshot
  8. Reboot
  9. Load Snapshot
  10. Trying to get Back to Admin page
    – zynthian hangs
  11. Back in webui, saving pedalboard
    – a new NiceKeys-74997.pedalboard was created

Is this reproducible?

Kind regards,

I’m having the same problem:

It seems, that there are three independent bugs.

  1. Changing a pedalboard in webui and saving it, yields to a new pedalboard
  2. Saving a mod-ui as snapshot doesn’t work
  3. Changing a pedalboard in zynthian-ui doesn’t work.

Is there a jira or the like where we can file bugs?

Hi @mheidt!

Thanks for the feedback :wink:

It seems to be a feature of MOD-UI, but i don’t understand it. It’s quite annoying :worried:
Perhaps @C0d3man knows a little bit more about it …

The pedalboard structure is not saved in the snapshot. It must be saved from de MOD-UI.
Snapshots only saves the pedalboard status (controller values). Anyway, there are some bugs to fix in the snapshot feature and it’s not working properly with all engines. I will fix it in the next weeks.

Could be a little bit more explicit?


Hi Fernando,

Seems, that I have a “special” pedalboard.

I try to connect 2 midichannel controllers to (different midi channels) to 2 Fluid-Plugins (any).
Add some audio filter like pitch between Fluid Plugin and output.

This setup is either restored after a reload and a snapshot load nor can i really configure the devices in synthui:

  1. Why are there presets at all? In my case with 4 midi channels and 4 plugins and some audio filter, it adds up to 8 presets. I don’t have any presets defined in the webui.
  2. Now try to change the channel or the program of one of the plugins in synthui You will see, that synthui only shows one of the devices and you can’t change single midi channels. Actually I gave up to change anything in the synthui, because it just destroys the pedalboard.

When I played a little more, i found sth weird as well
For the live gig on sunday, i built a pedalboard with 3 channels having channels 2-4.
When I changed a channel in the webui and saved it, it took one other midi channel filter and set it to midi channel 1. Only if i changed all 3 midi channels (setting 2 to 2 and 3 to 3 and 4 to 4, although it showed the correct channel already) it is saved and no midi channel 1 is shown after a restart.

Of course I just could use your layers for that…but I have to pitch it to 442Hz.

If I had one pedalboard with audio IN for each layer…:slight_smile:
Or each layer is shown as Audio In?

Kind regards,

Hi @mheidt!

Please, send me your pedalboard by email (fernandoATzynthianDOTorg) or share a download link?
Also, how are you currently tunning to 442Hz? Are you using AM pitchshifter?