MOD-UI Dexed

I try to use Dexed inside the MOD-UI but no sound is output…the other module in MOD-UI works fine…what i am doing wrong???

Have you updated/cloned the last 24h hours? I think there is a bug in my latest commit… sorry. I will try to fix this soon.

Regards, Holger

Just have revoked my last changes - please update (or clone) and try again.

Zynthian’s “update software” get the last changes in your dexed repository every time is clicked.
Perhaps you can use a different branch for development? :wink:


Yes - I really should do this… :confounded:

I try update just now but my Dexed is always mute…
Only for information… i use usb keyboard …nothing to do with that???

edit : also Crazy Kalimba is mute for me…

Crazy kalimba needs audio input. There is no synthesizer in this pedalboard :wink:

Thanks @jofemodo and sorry for the silly question…

I tried yesterday: My installation works :neutral_face:

What about other “Generators”? I think the problem is not dexed but perhaps something behind (jack, mod-ui/mod-host)… What about not using MOD-UI, e.g. FluidSynth?

Regards, Holger

Thanks @C0d3man i try other Generator FluidSynth, LinuxSampler ecc… seem that all work fine…also inside MOD-UI DX10 , MDA-JX10, OBXD and so on are working… if i select Dexed nothing is output.
On the web page (8888) i see the module connected and in setting, i see all the knob and the settings but no audio out…
Is correct the way i try to use it???

Yes… and that’s really strange. It seems that the autoupdate does no work. Can you try the following:

ssh zynthian.local
cd /zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins/dexed
git pull
cd src
make clean && make install

I hope this fixes the problems…

Regards, Holger

I try this now but no way to do dexed working…:cry:

That’s really bad… I will have a deeper look at this tomorrow.

Regards, Holger

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Hi @videobelu!

Are you using the last SD image?

I installed the new image yesterday because Dexed did not work … but also with the new image and after updates it still does not work…the problem may be hardware related???

No. I don’t think it’s a hardware problem.
Could you completely delete de dexed directory and reinstall from scratch following @C0d3man’s instructions? If you do so, please, send a complete log of everything.


Just to be sure and to make it easy for you, here is the complete installation instruction from scratch (for dexed):

ssh zynthian.local
cd /zynthian/zynthian-sw/plugins
rm -r dexed
git clone
cd dexed/src
make clean && make install

You are great :ok_hand:


Thank you very much…i launch the process but is extremally slow to receive objects…it need some time

Something strange…
The command git clone is too slow …the first time i tryed after some minutes it is stopped .
After the command rm -r dexed …the Dexed plugin still exist and operative (with no sound) …is normal???

edit : on /zynthian/zynthian-plugins/lv2 there is another Dexed foder