Mod Ui enable / disable [SOLVED]

Hi is there a way to enable / disble modiu plugging with midi message?
(I am aware of using the layer encoder to enable/disable)


Good question! And the answer is YES!

These are the steps to follow:

  • Save a snapshot with the layer configuration you want.
  • From the webconf, assign the bank/program number you want to your snapshot
  • Send a “Bank/Program change” message to the zynthian’s “Master Channel”. It will load the required snapshot.

If you need to “stop” the MOD-UI engine, then you can create a snapshot with an empty layer configuration :wink:

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Hi @BalamSoto!

Have you tried the proposed solution? Does it work for your use case?


thanks Jofemodo, in my case this solution complicates things.
I am working on a sound sculpture base on simple intuitive interface ( sensors )
and thinking to use a gesture sensor to enable Mod Ui
do you know of a midi messge to do so?


What do you mean with “enabling MOD-UI”? Exactly what do you want to achieve?
MOD-UI is enabled when creating a layer with MOD-UI engine. The only way of creating layers “remotely” is by loading snapshots when sending Program Change messages to the Master Channel. Currently there is no other way of doing it. Anyway, if you explain to me what do you try to achieve, perhaps i could help you …:wink:


3 layers = x y z engines
1 Mod Ui ( xxx)

save as default snapshots

a Teensy sending midi data ( notes and CC ) from sensors
selecting a channel ; encoders working as Pan audio and frequency cutoff

I like to have a sensor ( digital ) to enable - disable the mod Ui Layer
just like you can do with the zynthian box encoder but using a sensor sending a midi CC message ( <64 off >64 On)
to enable / disable the layer

hope this is info is clear

I think, you don’t want to disable and enable the layer itself. Would cost too much time.
What are you doing with mod-ui?
Maybe the solution can be something with additional midi features in the mod-ui pedalboard. And you might need to define a midi filter.

the enable/dis feature is avaliable via the encoder, but is not mappable via midi
I must mention that I am using the zynthian outside the traditional use as part and hart of a sound art installation
so I am creating a experimental interface.

I’ve good news for you. I’ve fixed the MIDI-learning system and the enable/disable feature in MOD-UI plugins is now mappable via MIDI. You should update your software :wink:

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Ahh! Right now only MIDI CC mapping works … you can’t use note-on/off messages directly.

thank Jefemodo mapping works Great after the update.