MOD UI - import pedalboard issue


I upgraded to Aruk RC2 recently.
Before doing so, I copied a mod pedalboard that I created on a USB pen drive (“cp -r …” on Putty)
After flashing my sd card, updating the software, etc…, I restored the mod pedalboard from my USB pen drive (“cp -r …” on Putty)

If I modify the pedalboard and save it, MOD UI asks for a name (just like a “save as”)
If I use the same name then I can see two pedal board with the same name in the pedalboard library.

Could it be a corner case of the (fixed) problem debated in “MOD UI creates a temp of changed pedalboard” ?
It looks like my imported pedalboard is not correctly inventoried.

Is there a proper way to import a MOD pedalboard ?