MOD-UI integration

I start this thread about MOD-UI integration:

@C0d3man, you are making a magnific work with the MOD-UI integration. I hope to help you with the development very soon :wink:


I am nearly ready with a MOD-UI-Image. What is missing:

  • Integration of ttymidi (currently only USB-MIDI)
  • Integration of Zynthian TFT and encoders
  • Synths like ZynAddSubFX, Dexed, Linuxsampler (due to limits of using them directly with LV2)
  • Free using of Soundbanks for Synths (only preinstalled ones are working)

Working synths:

  • FluidSynth with some preinstalled soundfonts
  • setBfree
  • MDA-Synths (E-Piano, Piano, DX10, JX10, Sheppard)

… and lots of effects (miditools, CAPS, MDA, Guitarrix, …)

I am waiting for a message from Gian (CEO of MOD) that we can use everything with a non-commercial license (perhaps not before end of August). After that we can try if the MOD-UI interface is something we want to use.

Regards, Holger

Hi @C0d3man!

I think we don’t need any permission to use, modify and distribute the MOD software, as it is completely Free Software, covered by GPL v3:

If the authors use this license is because they want to see other people/projects using, copying, modifying and distributing the software under the terms of GPL.

Anyway, i understand that you want to speak with the authors, create a collaboration framework, and avoid any kind of misunderstanding or competition. Perfectly OK with this. You are doing the right thing! :wink:

We don’t want to compete with the MOD project. I think that MOD-DUO and Zynthian are members of a new generation of musical arctifacts and potentially “game changers”. We are creating a new playground, based in Open Standards and Free Software, and both projects should collaborate to expand this new playground … i think it would be better (and more funny!) if we leave the competition for the big dinosaurs of the “closed products” world (Korg, Yamaha, Akai, Native Instruments … :wink:

… yes.

I showed Gian from MOD the MOD-Zynthian-Raspi. He was really surprised that it works so good. The MOD-Duo seems a little bit faster (for me). And has Line-In’s. And they have a very optimized rt-kernel and optimized software.

With rt-kernel I currently had no luck. It starts, it loads MOD-UI and it dies… :urn:

I knew that they distribute their software under GPL. But I think it is the better way to tell others what happens with “their” software. Even if the software is GPL they can add lots of functions which only work with their hardware - and we will have problems to figure out how to fix… I hope that both projects may complement each other over the time.

Regards, Holger

Hi there,

Gian from MOD told me that they won’t change their license yet, so we can use MOD-UI and integrate it into Zynthian.

After holidays I will give you access for the test-image I made. This is a MOD-only test system which does not handle any specialized Zynthian hardware (no encoders, no display, no MIDI - only USB-MIDI).

After testing I will start to integrate MOD as an additional engine. For configuration I think it will be the best to start the web-ui by encoder and for playing using only selectable and preconfigured pedalboards.

I will open a new topic for discussion about configuration.

Always remember: MOD-UI is a really good software for primary use in the MOD-Duo hardware. I own such hardware - it is really nice! Take a look at:

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