MOD-UI midi tru USB


I’m a total newby to this forum.
I’ve been using the Zynthian for a couple of months mainly as a “noise” box in my setup.
I was wondering if you could, in MOD-UI have a Serial midi-in signal go to the midi thru box and have one of the USB ports act as a midi out?
So I can use the Zynthian as a usb host midi…so i can clock an arturia beatstep
I don’t know if this is even possible.

Thanks in advance!

It should work … just try it :wink:


I already tried it, but can’t. There seems to be no setting to change the output midi to USB.


Check in the webconf. It should be possible to change the USB to out instead of in

Hi @mheidt!

The webconf device configuration doesn’t applies to MOD-UI … yet :wink:
Currently MOD-UI manages the devices by itself. I’m working to change this and unify everything.


I will have to wait for your grace then! :slight_smile:
Thanks anyway for the fast response!

Good luck with that :slight_smile:

Jajaja! I’m working on this right now, although it 's a big task. It will take some weeks to be finished.

Anyway, sending MIDI-IN to a USB MIDI-OUT should be possible with MOD-UI right now. I don’t see the problem with it.
If it doesn’t work, for you, please give more details of what you want to do and what steps you follow. Including some image could be helpful.


I will try that this weekend and keep you informed. Thank you for all the great work!

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