Building an Arduino-MIDI controller for Program Change

I want to build a button using the arduino midi to move one sound to another, quickly control the soundbank fluedsynth in zynthian, for live performance please help.{schematic and code }

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The USB HID (Human Interface Device) library is built into the Arduino IDE. It can emulate USB devices like keyboards, mice or USB MIDI.

You must use a biard with the ATmega32U4 processor, which handles USB on board, unlike most other Arduinos, the Leonardo or small inexpensive Pro Micros are examples. This makes for a cleaner implementation than bit banged code on a common arduino.

Adafruit has some ATmega32U4, the powerful 32 bit teensy board family has a similar USB library.

Sorry I don’t have an exact design for your solution.

Here’s a video tutorial using the mentioned Arduino models,

The page has a few links, including this library

This library looks useful as well.

I have interfaced a Wii Numchuck to USB MIDI connected through I2C to the Arduino. It provides a joystick, accelerometer and 2 switches.

I just noticed this roundup of "10 MIDI Controllers You Can Build With an Arduino "


what about based stm32f4 discoverry (midibox) no arduino

Hi. Did you solve with Arduino channel and program change? I am also interested in this project. Thank you

This kind of walked down this path…