MOD-UI preset list?


Hi @jofemodo,

is there a way to add a way to integrate MOD-UI presets? You know: there is a possibility to store several presets inside a MOD pedalboard and it would be very nice if there is an additional menu to choose the presets.

Thanks, Holger


It would be great!

Is it possible to select the MOD-UI presets by midi?

Regards, Rod


Hi @C0d3man!

Currently “plugin presets” are shown. If there are several plugins with presets, then they are shown sequentially and it’s a mess. I suposse that sometimes it 's more convenient to show “pedalboard presets”.
Perhaps we can detect if there is some “pedalboard preset”, then use that and if not, then show “plugin presets”?
Or perhaps it would be better to have a way of changing from “plugin presets” to “pedalboard presets” …

What do you think? A little bit of brain-storming will help …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @jofemodo,

Have to double check this. I think that yesterday I had a problem with this… will look at this later.

Hm - in MOD-UI I think it is not really necessary to show all plugin parameters. A better way maybe to show only mapped (MIDI learned) parameters? Thinking of helm or dexed there are so much parameters you never need… If it is possible to use the encoders for MIDI learning than showing only mapped parameters after a page of pedalboard presets should be fine, or?

Regards, Holger


Perhaps the UI can detect if there is some “MIDI-learned” control, and if it’s the case, then only show these. If not, it show all.

But currently there is a problem here: Currently you can do MIDI-learning from Zynthian-UI using the touch interface. Logically, you need to see unassigned controls for this function, so we would need some way of changing the “show level” from Zynthian UI. Ideas?

Another option is to have a “check” in the MOD-UI for controlling if you want all the controls in Zynthian, or only MIDI-learned ones … :wink:



… but this means to add code into MOD-UI - so you have to fork it, right?

Regards, Holger


Yes. But Zynthian already uses a forked version. Forks can be good :wink: