MOD-UI rebased

I’ve just rebased upstream mod-ui master with, which is the branch that zynthian currently installs from.

Let me know if you have any issues. I think this rebase approach works well, and I’d be happy to do it on if I had push permissions to that repo


Hi @steveb!

I just sent you an invitation for “maintainer” role on zynthian’s mod-ui repo. You are really welcome to keep updated this repo. In fact, the build system currently uses your repository, so you are the “de-facto” maintainer :wink:

Tell me when i can change the “build-script” for using the zynthian’s repo again.

Of course, don’t hesitate to ask me for help/advice when the zynthian’s mod-ui engine need “updating” (although it seems you understand quite well this piece of code … :wink: )

Thanks a lot for your time!!

Awesome, thanks. I’ll propose a fix to the install script to switch it back once I’ve updated zynthian/mod-ui.

Currently my workflow is to locally do an interactive rebase against moddevices/mod-ui then do a git push --force to publish it.

Hello Steveb,
I just installed fresh.
did update through webui
there was an error regarding unmerged files for mod-ui
merged it but now there are still unmerged commits
I used:
as installation source

On branch zyn-mod-merge
Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/zyn-mod-merge’ by 7 commits.
(use “git push” to publish your local commits)

nothing to commit, working tree clean

git log:

git log --pretty -a
commit ce8ed8e7187060f5aea9782550946b0ef7675bcf (HEAD -> zyn-mod-merge)
Merge: ca87446b b8216b9c
Author: Björn Thorwirth
Date: Tue Nov 17 12:40:57 2020 +0000

Merge branch 'zyn-mod-merge' of into zyn-mod-merge

commit b8216b9c3a0d1ae3639cb41aeedc5f3667706cd0 (origin/zyn-mod-merge)
Author: jofemodo
Date: Mon Oct 7 19:58:35 2019 +0200

[zynthian] Add ZynMidiRouter ports to MOD-UI: main_in & main_out

commit fec041fb0ab6f32ccf23962f62e08b2bcccdf26c
Author: jofemodo
Date: Thu Mar 1 16:03:22 2018 +0100

[zynthian] Implement midi_map functionality (needed by midi-learning) reusing the existing effect/address call.

commit f284d71913949435acc1f2b442cb99cfb50b23a5
Author: jofemodo
Date: Fri Dec 15 19:42:54 2017 +0100

[zynthian] Add mod-monitor audio inputs to the web canvas.


I’ve posted a PR which should fix this. It also switches back to zynthian/mod-ui, which now has the same updated zyn-mod-merge branch as steveb/mod-ui.


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Hello Steve!

works like a charme! Thanks!