MOD UI - saving midi controllers

Í can’t get my Zynthian to save the midi mappings on the MOD layer.

I’ve tried setting them on the Zynthian and setting them in the web app and then saving a snapshot.

Doesn’t work.

Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

Let me check it. Somebody can confirm this problem?

Can you specify if:

  • The problem is the MIDI-learning itself. It doesn’t learn.
  • The problem is when saving/restoring the snapshot. The MIDI learning is not restored.



It’s only the midi mappings that don’t save with the snapshot.

What I did.

-Make synth layer
-Make synth layer midi mapping
-Make MOD UI layer
-Route audio to MOD UI layer
-Open MOD UI in browser
-Choose a few plugins in MOD, connect, get sound, be happy.
-Midi mapping for effects in MOD UI
-Save snapshot

-Load snapshot
-Everyrhing is in it’s place
-Midi mapping for synth layer ok
-Midi mapping for MOD UI not mapped.

Also tried mapping the MOD UI from Zynthian by doing the swipe to the right move.
Didn’t work.


Hi @Humi!

Please, update and test :wink:


On it.

Results in 5


It works!

But there are two things.

When you make a new instrument + MOD

You have to

Make a new instrument
Make UI Layer
Modify UI layer
Save layer in UI
Go back in Zynthian to choose the save file
— if you don’t do that the save file won’t be saved with the snapshot.

And the Zynthian sometimes rebooted when I loaded the snapshot.

I’ll try look into it later today

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Yes, the workflow with MOD-UI & zynthian isn’t the most intuitive. I’ve some ideas to improve it, but currently it’s better to not use snapshots until your pedalboard is finished and saved. think about your pedalboard like a new “instrument” you are creating/designing using a desktop computer.

When you finished the work with the mouse (MOD-UI), then you load your new pedalboard in your zynthian, headless, and make your on-stage adjustments, learn ZS3 subnapshots if needed and save all this with snapshots. And of course, you can include your pedalboard in all the snapshots you want.

Regarding the MIDI-learning, you can do it with MOD-UI and save it with the pedalboard, with zynthian and save with the snapshot or mix both. Remember that CCs learned with MOD-UI and saved in pedalboard will be replaced by those learned with zynthian snapshots. It’s an onion design :wink:


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Regarding MOD-UI stability in zynthian. we have some problem, but it’s not easy to solve.
MOD-UI API is not documented, and it’s changing all the time. All we have is the source code (what is a lot, of course!!) and the browser development tools.

We have modified the original source for allowing a better integration with zynthian, including some new API calls and modifying some others.

I think the most part of problems are synchronization/concurrence-related. Specially when starting the engine, MOD-UI do strange things. The socket communication is restarted several times, randomly, including the MOD-UI itself, that sometimes need to be restarted 2-3 times until everything get stabilized and we can communicate normally.

So, i recommend to avoid to stop/restart MOD-UI. It’s better to start the engine by hand and don’t remove the MOD-UI layer explicitly or use the “REMOVE ALL” option. Instead you change your pedalboard, or use snapshots. When loading a snapshot, it will avoid stopping the MOD-UI engine if the loaded snapshot have a MOD-UI layer. It will re-use the instance and this will increase the stability.

I know, it’s tricky, but it’s what we have by now.

Of course, i will try to improve MOD-UI implementation, but the “more zynthianic” engines & features have higher priority.