Mod ui support to configure plugins which have mult. instances from zynthian gui

Hello All!

I’m using mod ui a lot currently. I use it as audio processor to process and mixup mono to stereo,
Having currently 2 effect busses in that setup i’m wondering how to configure plugins which are present in both audio lines

I use e.g. Gains or Gates in both busses. All is working fine so far. But in the zynthian ui i’m only seeing one instance of each plugin type…

any ideas?


As far as I understand it so far the Plugins used in mod-ui don’t show up in the zyn-ui.

The Zynthian UI will only show a single instance of MOD-UI. It hosts MOD-UI but all MOD-UI configuration, patching, etc. is done within the MOD-UI web interface. I don’t really understand what the question is.

Hello Riban,

I can access the plugins through zynthians native GUI. This is not mentioned in the wiki but it works quite well. But if use e.g. two instances of abGate (one mono gate for each channel) the native GUI will only list the first instance of abGate.

I was just curious if that is a known limitation.


We don’t see the need to differentiate LV2 and non-LV2 engines in the Zynthian GUI. They work the same way from the end users point of view. Same with effects layers.

Effectively Zynthian GUI and MOD-UI are two ways of doing the same thing. Loading engines and chaining FX. But they don’t really interact. It’s intended behaviour, but I wouldn’t call it a limitation.

LV2 plugins are mentioned in the wiki

Hello Baggypants!

Thanks for your explanation. I also would like to use fx layers. I understodd that I can chain in a layer, create second and route audio. But what i don’t get is how to assign e.g. sidechain. I can only select the hw inputs or the whole plugin .

What I need is:
One chain:
Left Input ->
Calf Mono Input ->
Calf Haas Stereo E nhancer ->
Calf Sidechain Compressor
Second chain:
Right input ->
Freq Filter Plugin ->
Calf sidechain Compressor (First chain SIDECHAIN Input)

But I did not understand how to assign to specific plugin input.
Is it possible?

I’m still stuck at where you want to create, link and control the different layers…
Do you want to make this sidechain thing within the zynth ui or with mod-ui?

I have two Synths connected to L and R Input of Zynthian
One is bass and one melody
I want to sidechain the Melody into the bass compressor to archive some ducking,

I think this has to be done with layers. But i don’t find sidechain outputs a selector for input / output sources
How is this handled with native zynthian GUI?
There was a little error in the chematic:
Left Input ->
Calf Compressor
Left Output

Second chain:
Right input ->

Freq Filter Plugin ->
Calf sidechain Compressor (First chain SIDECHAIN Input)
uniltered Output to Right Output

does this make sense now?

now i’m able to select the In outs in chains… so question is solved