ModMyPi MCP23017 pHAT

My finger is ready to pull the ‘buy’ trigger on one of these, but I thought I had better check here first… Are these compatible with Zynthian to run the rotary encoders, and if they are, any idea on what settings I might use?


The single should work.
Should be self-explanatory if you can follow the zynthain All-In-One schematic. The trick will be either running GND from different pins on J1 for each encoder GND, or chaining them together.
If you want to use arduino style encoder boards, you’ll also need to run a +V to each encoder as well.

ok, i think i get all that nearly… maybe i just can’t yet see where that gnd connects to… i would have hoped not from the gpio, because of the tft hat that has to go on as well.

As luck would have it, that lead me to this :-

which has visible breakouts for GND too… and it is cheaper.

Thanks, @smiths73v3 I will get there!

If you’re not in a rush and want to spend a little less, you could try one of these:,searchweb201602_6,searchweb201603_53

yeah, they were the other option i looked at but i think i like the hats better

@MrBroccoli, might take much longer than you want to wait but I’m working on my own solution.

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