MODUI Update

Hi guys!

Is there a way to update zynthian’s MODUI to the latest version released?

The latest version already allows the loading of impulse responses in an LV2 plugin



Hi @rod_amaral!

@steveb has been maintaining our modified MOD-UI fork:

The latest sync is from 3 months ago. Perhaps he wants to sync it now … :wink:



Hey, I am very interested in loading impulse responses, so I will update this soon. I’ll aim to do it this weekend


I’ve updated our fork with the latest mod-ui, and I’ve proposed a pull request to add the new cabsim-IR-loader plugin.

I can’t get the plugin menu to show my IR files though, it only shows the default forward-audio_AliceInBones.wav. Its not clear if this requires some integration with some other component of mod-ui. All I’ve really tried is putting impulse files in /zynthian/zynthian-plugins/lv2/cabsim-IR-loader.lv2/ and restarting. Also reading all the source code to figure out how it loads the IR list.

If someone else wants to dig into this that would be most welcome.


With these 2 pull requests I now have a fully working cabsim plugin!

There is a File Manager icon on the bottom left which allows you to upload IR files to the ‘Speaker Cabinets IRs’ directory


Hi Steve!

How can i update to this version?


Run scripts/recipes/ in zynthian-sys. It will install whatever version of mod-ui is in branch zyn-mod-merge

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Thanks! I will do the update tonight, I saw that the master repository has already been updated!

I will share some impulses reponses that I have:

Hi Steve!

I managed to update the zynthian, however the IR Loader has no sound.

Any trick?

Only the first 128 samples of the file are used, so if there is a moment of silence at the beginning of your impulse samples then you won’t hear anything. See this comment and thread.

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Hi @steveb ,

I have the problem that the new file browser (I think it is the fourth icon on the bottom left) does not work in Firefox (on Linux). Can you confirm this or is there something wrong on my system?

Regards, Holger

@steveb i have tried the install recipes on patch box os and everything is working, except the IR list is not loading my IRs. I have followed the thread on the mod forum and changed MOD_USER_FILES_DIR but it still doesn’t seem to work. Any advice as to what could be causing it? Scripts are super useful btw!!

I have resolved this issue. Corrupt dependency in browsepy.

Reinstalling MODUI after update…

Hi Steveb, are you able to walk us through an absolute beginner version of how to run this script? I am on a windows 64 bit pc and tried PuTTY but now need to learn that to login to run the command line you suggest. Its all getting a bit frustrating to be honest. Modui on the last version ran superbly and was the reason for my purchase of a pre-built zynthian. I am looking to miror this exerience in the last updaye, with no build or programming desire or knowledge. Many thanks.

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Script referred to is scripts/recipes/ in zynthian-sys

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Once you have a terminal, the following commands will reinstall mod-ui

cd /zynthian/zynthian-sys/scripts/recipes

One option for accessing a terminal is the zynthian web interface, INTERFACE->Terminal

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great, I have navigated Putty and am currently on the root layer inside putty. Do I just run the script straight from the command line?

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ok just run this line in terminal and no such file or directory found?

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typing error, will retry, same result no directory found reverted to previous version on original SD card until further stable integration with MOD UI. I cant tell you how good it is to be able to access this with zynthian - i have replaced $$$$ of pedalboards with Zynthian without having to buy MOD host device. Please keep going with this project.