Modulation needed

Hi Zynthianers,
some sounds don’t have a modulation-parameter. But I need it badly. Do you have an idea to integrate such a parameter?

What do you mean by sounds?
If an engine doesn’t support it, we can’t do anything.
Maybe tell us what "sound’ exactly you mean?
Maybe you can remap the modulation wheel to a different parameter

Hi Markus,
if I say “sound”, I mean that, what you hear out of the loadspeaker.

But it´s produced by an engine, that has parameters.
Modulation often uses a LFO (Low Frequency Oscilator) with the parameters

  • Speed (or time) and
  • depht.

Here are 3 examples:

  1. The Flute (from Fluidsynth, GM):
    I can modulate the depht by using the modwheel, but
    I can´t edit the speed. (It´s too fast) . I would like to do that in a parameter window
    with the possibility to store in the snapshot.
  2. E-Piano (from Fluidsynth, GM):
    There is window titled Modulation and its adressed to the modwheel, but nothing happens.
  3. Guitar (from Fluidsynth, My Strat Marshall): same as example 2. The vibrato at the end
    is made by pitchwheel. But that sound not so good.