Monome Norns / Fates

Since there is now a Monome Norns DIY based on Rpi I am wondering if something like this could also run (as a layer?) on the Zynthian?

There are quite some interesting patches for this platform and would love to hear if these could run on a Zynthian :slight_smile:


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Would that be possible?
As a first step, is Norns/Fates tied to a specific HW setup or would it run standalone on a standard rpi4b with attached 5inch, but without extra DAC and hw knobs/switches?
That would imo be the prerequisite to run it also possibly as engine/alongside Zynthian?

So is Norms open source? the docs in the compendium below show the lua scripts, etc. Low Level Norns is an undertaking to create C code, mentioning that “Norns seems to be running on Linux” comments there provide some further insights.

Update: i see the link Norns on Raspberry Pi arrytuttle added below is most useful. The Jun '18 post may be one of the more substantial.

Lots of info here: A compendium about the monome norns

[A brief Norms video sample](https://norns/supercollider granular synth)

Worth noting they use using Supercollider for DSP extensibility.


A Sonic-pi - SuperColider reference
Got it running with recipies:

That’s nice, but Supercollider by itself doesnt run those neat lua scripts, aka norns apps?
I think the appeal of the Norns is that they provided a somewhat simple GUI/way to manage scripts for the collider and combine those also with their sample-player/editor.

To tap into this, we kinda need to running the norns/fates stack.

I just couldn’t find any info if their img/stack is tied to their hw, or if it is easy to let it run also in just a normal pi4 to begin with.

Okay, just saw this:

I got one of those, and I’ve tried to make it run in my zynthians. Basically the only issue is with getting a working interface with our current one, Norns uses one oled screen, 3 encoders and 3 switches. Other then that it’s basically the same as Zynthian except for how the whole thing works in regards to programs

A quick clarification on terminology

“Norns” is both hardware (a specific hardware device made by monome) and then also the software that runs on it.

“Fates” is a specific DIY hardware device that runs the norns software stack. It is “unofficial” and was made by a third party - which is me BTW.

There is also the “Norns Shield” which is the “official” DIY version of the norns hardware.

Thus - Norns has a specific HW setup (with variations to support the DIY Shield). Fates has a different specific HW setup.

Please note - Fates is unrelated to and not supported by Monome - so saying “Monome Norns/Fates” is kinda incorrect attribution - they are two different things.

If you’re talking about the software - that’s just “Norns”


Hi ! It seems “Fates” is discontinued ? Probably due to the availability of the Shields DIY version ?


No longer available. Not open sourced.

Cheers :slight_smile: