Moog Sound needed

Hi Zynthianers,

I need a fat Moog-Sound. Saw, Square, PW, Monofonic, with portamento, modulation, adjustable, resonance and cutoff frequency.

Do we have such a preset/snapshot/engine? What are you using?

Obxd, preset fat bazz worked even on a pi 3 I think.

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Raffosynth is based on the mini moog architecture too.


Raffo synth, just screw around with the settings and you’ll get there.
I can also get similar sounds from the Helm.


Fantastico! Raffo is what I´m looking for!
Now I have to find a good organisation of the parameters on the Impulse…

Thanx !


So, I can play this synth, but …
I believe there is no modulation. Or am I wrong?

does anybody have an idea?

Depends what you mean. There are controls for filter and envelope. You can modulate the sounds with those. A good old filter sweep goes a long way to add interest to a sound. There isn’t an LFO, but there wasn’t one on the minimoog either from what I can tell.

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Thank you, wyleu, thats what I wanted to write.
With the red switch down left you can use the Osc 3 as an LFO and you can use the Modwheel for the depht.

a few patch layouts at the back… and a prize for any you can name the tracks they were used on and by whom … . . :slight_smile:

Course if you are REALLY interested …

@wyleu I resisted to buy a Behringer Model D, so far. PLEASE, STOP! :smiley:

There is an lv2 plugin called qmidiarp_lfo which I’ve been playing with recently that might be helpful. It’s supposed to enable you to modulate midi cv controls with an lfo but I’ve not had much success with it for this.

Hi Baggypants,
this sounds very good. But I can´t find it.
Would you be so kind as to tell me the foldername.

Thanks from Düsseldorf

It’s not a part of the Zynthian distribution, and as yet, I’ve not got ot to work either. If you’d like to try the source is here and it compiles easily on the rpi.

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Qmidiarp is now part of the zynthian collection, included the lfo module, that can be easily connected to the raffo"s parameters.



If you think there is a missing feature of Raffo (like the mini Moog LFO option) then you could submit a feature request against the Raffo project.

Or fork it as I think the dev said development has ended.