Moog synth samples

Free royalty free sample pack based on MiniMoog for those who like this kind of thing.

412MB linear audio (wav) sounds, arpeggios, etc.

You must not redistribute these but can download and use in your own music. Story here.


Thanx @riban!

What a pity we can’t include this in the zynthian image.
Anyway, i see there is a lot more in the same pages. In fact thousands and thousands.
I suppose we could write a little chooser/downloader for the webconf.

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Please, not without a decent directory structure to allow some structure.

It’s nice to be able to horde, and it’s a known characteristic of the technical male, but once you get enough of these sorts of things it can very easily become unmanageable.

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Indeed! If / when we add sample play to zynpad we will want a mechanisms to categorise samples. There are some redistributable packs out there that we could bundle them users may download others as they wish.