Most suitable 7" display for build

I would like to build a box and wondering what’s the most suitable 7" screen. I see these issues in the thread below about touch problems. I think some of the ones they sell on ebay here are the same model.

I’ve found two types, one with connectors and one with only ribbon cables. Does anyone have experience with the ribbon cable one? Or is it easier to just get the one with connectors on the board?

For what its worth, I have gotten good results, meaning display and touch working with the
“Official Raspberry Pi 7” Touch Screen Display with 10 Finger Capacitive Touch":

The Ribbon cable which is part of the display goes to the small connector on the pictured Pi controller board just below the Raspberry Pi logo. The Pi 4 connects via the pictured flat cable to connector on the left edge of the controller. The controller is connected to USB power supply, and then it supplies power to the Pi4 via 2 jumper wires, leaving 2 left over.
I literally chose it based on it being “official”.

Here’s the US pishop link:

I found this Hackaday article very informative about displays in general:

Hi @LFO .

The official 7inch raspi display sur the DSI interface.
This waveshare too:

As you can see, this one doesn’t need any additional board.
But both of them needs the I2C bus for the touch functionality. If you plan to use encoders and switches (with mcp23017 port expander) you will need to split the I2C pins.

Sidenote for @tunagenes : this waveshare display is declared “VisionFive” compatible.

I find the HDMI quiet useful especially for testing/tinkering because it “just work” and can be hot switched from a device to an other.
But for a final intégration the cables can be complicated To manage.

Lastly, these displays are in 800x480 or 1024x600 résolutions. If you choose the 7inch format for having large characters on screen, I suggest you To go for 800x480. On 1024x600, they will be small (but this could be modified with webconf).

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I would recommend the higher resolution and adjust font size in config. This gives more resolution so you can for example fit more faders on the screen.


Ok, thanks everyone for chiming in, it helps. My preference is for the narrower bezels and higher resolution of the ‘unofficial’ ones. The other thing is these unofficial ones would be easier to mount inside a case closer to the surface. The convenience of having the connectors sounds like a good idea even if it may make it more chunky to fit in a case. I hope I won’t have to fight it too much with the touch functionality.

I have a 7" display with HDMI & 2 USB connectors. It works well but doesn’t really lend itself to mounting in an enclosure due to the need to bring the USB out to mate with the RPi USB sockets. It was cheaper than the official displays but I would recommend one that connects to internal connectors.

This display thing is really confusing to navigate. I thought the ribbon cable displays were integrated and the cable connect directly to the Pi. The screen controller part is what I found quite confusing. Some are integrated with hdmi ports, others don’t come with one at all.

I found this page comparing the video output options from raspberry pi.

There are many variations on a 7" screen on the waveshare site. I can’t see any of the 7" touchscreen with small bezel and the DSI/MIPI interface ribbon that connects directly to the raspberry pi board.

This one is slim but connects to the raspberry Pi from the small board with HDMI

I found 30cm hdmi cable but they were surprisingly expensive. If I could find a really short one that’s reasonably priced, it could work.

This one is high resolution and DSI direct connection but has a larger bezel. Seems there’s not screen that is slim and DSI connection.

Here a 7 inch DSI display in 800x480:

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